About GCF


The mission of the Gujarati Cultural Festival 2023 is to connect with our culture in the art of dance, music and poetry. We believe that by supporting our community and maintaining our traditions, we are able to continue celebrating our vibrant culture for generations to come.


We are powered by the Alberta Gujarati Association, and have been working to preserve Gujarati cultural and linguistic heritage through events, arts, and education.

The Alberta Gujarati Association is a registered charity serving more then 3,000 members throughout Alberta and is 100% volunteer-run and donation driven.

The Gujarati Cultural festival (GCF) taking place on August 3-6, 2023, will have Western Canadians come together to participate in Raas Garba competitions, traditional folk dances, and many other cultural activities. The Western Canadian Raas Garba competition has been taking place since 1994 with community members coming together to celebrate our beautiful culture from the State of Gujarat, India. In the weekend-long Gujarati Cultural festival (GCF) taking place in Western Canada, people from different cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Seattle will be coming together to participate in this amazing event.

The weekend consists of a meet and greet with the teams, coaches and judges, an energetic sports day, and the most anticipated Raas Garba competition followed by a whole day dedicated to an award’s ceremony for our wonderful competitors. Raas Garba is a traditional Gujarati dance showcasing our worship for the Hindu goddess Durga which dates back to at least the 15th century. It is predominantly showcased at weddings, major events, Navratri or just for fun.The beauty of this dance is of course the folk music, traditional attire and most importantly the creativity seen by all dancers, so come and enjoy this amazing weekend. Meet other passionate individuals such as yourself, who are dedicated to spreading and showcasing their divine culture just as much as you are.